Our Team

While our firm is relatively new, our roots in this community run deep. Our expertise in coalition development and contact with a vast network of community leaders and service providers gives us a unique perspective of the needs that currently exist in the Black community.

Salena R. Pryor

Ms. Pryor is a veteran of the CA Legislature for more than a decade, and served in a dual capacity role as Principal Consultant to the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC), and Executive Director of the California Legislative Black Caucus Policy Institute, the non-profit arm of the CLBC.


During her tenure with CLBC, Salena was responsible for developing a 2-year strategic plan to implement the CLBC Chair’s vision to rebrand the caucus, and managed budgets of $2 million+ which included event planning, program development, education projects, and policy initiatives and campaigns; and brought in projects on time and under budget.


Salena has testifies in legislative committees, press conferences and rallies; provides legislative and budget updates to groups of more than 300 people; has planned several events for the CLBC including all Black History Month events – art exhibits, book signings, receptions, movie screenings, Assembly and Senate Floor recognition ceremonies, the African-American Leaders for Tomorrow weeklong Leadership Conference; coalition building to increase support for sponsored legislation and issues the impact the Black community, as well as community drives to collect items for Sacramento’s homeless population in partnership with the Faith Based Community.


She brings her expertise, special skill set and contacts – both inside and outside of the Capitol - which assists her in obtaining necessary information to identify and effectively fight against policies that disproportionately impact African Americans, and for policies that benefit them.

Lorreen R. Pryor-Trowel


An Alumna of Sacramento State, Lorreen is a 15-year veteran Legislative staffer and the Servant Leader/President of Black Youth Leadership Project (BYLP). BYLP provides civic engagement opportunities, hand-on experience of learning the legislative process, and exposure Legislators, community leaders and key staff.


With the rise of inequity in the Public Education System, Lorreen expanded BYLP's programming to include direct service advocacy to families experiencing racism, teacher targeting and disparate treatment to broker agreements in which children are restored mentally, physically and emotionally.


Lorreen leads the team that puts on the Legislative Open House and Next Level Luncheon experience for more than 100 Black students annually; Summer Social Justice Bootcamp, established Sacramento’s first-ever Black High School Graduation in partnership with the Faith Based Community; created five Support Networks to help the community cope with the recent uprisings; provided community movie nights, created an online documentary club; as well as works with families and local school districts to resolve issues stemming from racial targeting, teacher bias and disparate treatment to restore the child so they can thrive in a more supportive environment.


She has also co-written Board Policies and Administrative Regulations in Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), as it relates to the delineation of responsibilities between administrators and school resource officers, and is currently in talks with other school districts to adopt the same policies. Lorreen also sits on the hiring committee for new School Resource Officers in EGUSD, a District that has refused to dismantle their SRO program.


Additionally, Lorreen was honored with the California Association of Black Lawyers 2019 Civil Rights Activist Award for her “advocacy on behalf of our youth.”

Lorreen’s extensive rolodex of elected officials and community leaders, coupled with her more than 8000 members in the BYLP network gives her the ability to communicate and provide outreach specifically to the Black community quickly.