Pryor & Pryor Consulting has also positioned ourselves as a voice for the Black community, offering input on and valuable insight on how to engage. We have built coalitions and collaborative structures based on principles of trust, and also provide print and digital designs for all of our campaigns and programs.

Beauty is Essential

In partnership with the Black Small Business Association of California, P2C created the “Beauty is Essential” campaign to help Black barbers and cosmetologists return to work safely and responsibly. This campaign includes a multi-prong strategy to engage not only local barbers and cosmetologists, but also increase awareness in the community of the plight of these entrepreneurs – most of which do not qualify for state and local financial resources but are at risk of permanently closing their businesses. The restrictive nature of access to these resources and the unwieldly application processes create a negative environment that is completely counterproductive to business development and the revival of a repressed segment of the economy.

Patronize Local Black Restaurants Campaign

COVID-19 has exposed state- and city-imposed barriers that have put a disproportionate number of California’s Black entrepreneurs at an economic disadvantage. The Black wealth gap is growing in California. While Black businesses financial harm is an unavoidable consequence to preserve life during this pandemic, the effort to revive our economy must be intentional, recognizing and addressing the existing racial disparities and ensuring the Black businesses have an equal chance at access to and receipt of financial products designed to minimize the impact of the pandemic on all people. Black restaurants were amongst the hardest hit and many were on the verge of closing their doors permanently. P2C created a local campaign challenging the Black community to support Black owned restaurants, in addition to a local Black restaurant directory that received more than 50,000 social media hits.

YES on ACA 5

Working with local organizations, P2C coordinated testimony for ACA 5 in the Assembly and Senate, and also mobilized members of the Black community to weigh in on this important measures. We were instrumental in engaging the Black community statewide and having them contact their legislators to ensure passage of ACA 5. We also created an explainer video targeted to the Black community outlining why they should care. 


Digital Marketing

We create content that speaks directly to the Black community and use social media to expand our reach. Through live stream broadcast platforms we talk to, engage, educate and interact with the Black community on specific issues of importance.